ANZPT6 Melbourne Day 3: From five to three

And then there were, make that three!

After a slow start, this ANZPT Melbourne final table has really picked up speed recently as we've just lost another two players in rapid succession. With any luck, we might just get out of here before the birds awaken.

Wayde Rickhuss had battled valiantly all day on the short stack, but his time in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event has now come to an end. When Edison Nguyen opened the button with a raise, Rickhuss looked down at A♥Q♠ and made the easy decision to move all in. Only problem was that Nguyen was holding K♣K♦!

The flop fell J♥K♥8♦ which actually wasn't too bad for Rickhuss. Nguyen made a set but Rickhuss improved from three outs to four. One of them wasn't the A♣ on the turn, despite the mistaken excitement from his rail. Rickhuss was left needing a ten to survive but the 6♣ completed the board to give Nguyen the pot and eliminate Rickhuss in fifth place for a very nice $54,200 in prize money.


Wayde Rickhuss - 5th place

Edison Nguyen continued to surge as a key hand would see Nguyen and Luke Spano tangle on a board of 3♠5♦7♠5♣3♣. Spano called a couple of big bets but Nguyen showed down 5♥6♥ for a full house, which was too good for Spano who flashed the 3♦.

That left Spano short and he was all in moments later with A♣3♥ against Corey Kempson's 9♦9♠. The board was spread Q♦5♥T♥K♥K♠ to see Spano depart in fourth place for a score of $69,700.


Luke Spano - 4th place

That leaves us with just three players. And it's not yet midnight! Corey Kempson is out in front with just under 4 million, Dennis Huntly has 3.4 million with Edison Nguyen on 2.6 million. With blinds at 30k/60k/10k, there could potentially still be plenty of play ahead of us which will no doubt please the rather large number of support people on the rail. At times, the rail has been three and four deep around the entire final table, so there's clearly plenty of interest in this one which is great to see.

It's also worth nothing that although Edison Nguyen needs to win the tournament to take over #1 on the all-time ANZPT earners list, his third place finish has now netted him enough points to take over the lead in the ANZ Player of the Year race.

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