APPT Auckland: Flynn departs

By James Potter and Eliot James

Kelly Flynn, the American born native who resides in Hong Kong, has just departed the poker room. Flynn got involved in a 4 way raised pot pre flop and shoved his small stack in on the flop in late position on a bluff. In a hand that took over 10 minutes he was finally called and only had 1 overcard with two cards to come and didn’t get the luck he needed. Flynn is heavily involved in poker throughout Asia and was looking for a good performance today.

Kelly Flynn 01.jpg

Kelly Flynn departs late in Day 1B.

James “Paddywhack” Honeybone is very short on chips. He currently has around 5k and will be forced into making a move at some stage today. He looks well focused and his stable of supporters are still very confident. He hasn’t had any cards to speak of today and needs to get lucky in the next level.

Honeybone 01.jpg

Honeybone needs to be thrown a bone.

Graeme “Kiwi G” Putt is on the move and has nearly 30k in chips. He has toiled away all day and has never put any of his chips at risk. The wily Kiwi has more experience than anyone in the field and will certainly feature late into tomorrow with an ounce of luck.

Putt 01.jpg

Proud Kiwi looking for yet another big result.

The team from have continued to take opportunities to chat with players as they play in the APPT Auckland Main Event. Neil Stewart, from Scotland, happened to be in town and decided to throw his money into the pot. Here is the interview with Stewart:

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Martin Cardno, a New Zealander, has travelled the globe to play poker and is today happy to be playing a major even on home soil. The crew pinned him down for a few words:

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