APPT Auckland: Luckbox?

By James Potter and Eliot James

Players are back from their break and the blinds are starting to become of interest at 150/300 with a 25 ante. There are now only 108 runners left and some big and small stacks starting to appear. The action is still happening on the Saab/Hachem table with plenty of banter going on. The winner up until this point in time is David Saab who now has 40K in chips. Tony Hachem was heard saying that Saab was killing the table but had got lucky in a few hands. He then proceeded to ask the table is Saab was a “luckbox” which everyone quickly agreed too.


David "Superman" Saab.

The APPT Macau Main event winner Eddie Sabat is rolling along nicely with a stack of 14K. Eddie is another one keeping a low profile and waiting for the blinds to increase before he gets busy.

Eddie Sabat.jpg

Sabat shoots a glare at his opponent across the felt.

Alexander Fitzgerald is another popular player who originated from Seattle. The Washington State national, who now resides in Malta, is a regular on the APPT and LAPT player who nearly always qualifies online. He is a very well known online player and, we have it on good authority, is also very popular with the ladies. He is a little short at the moment on 10K but is also looking to get busy.

Alexander Fitzgerald 02.jpg

Fitzgerald, deep in concentration.