APPT Auckland: The quick and the dead – Eric Assadourian first victim of Day 1B

By James Potter and Eliot James

In contrast to yesterday’s slow morning, with subdued action, today looks to be filled with bloodlust. Chips are riffling incessantly throughout the poker room, and a good number of them have already made their way into the middle on the felt.

Young Aussie legend, PokerStars Sponsored player Eric Assadourian, started today full of energy and optimism, having yesterday closed off the $550 PLO event after a prolonged heads-up battle with good friend and APPT Sydney 2007 Main Event Champion Grant Levy for a $12k payday.

Eric As 01.jpg

PokerStars Sponsored player, Eric Assadourian

His hopes were crushed within the first ten minutes of play here at the SkyCity Auckland poker room and he is already on the rail commiserating. Holding pocket Kings, Assadourian got all of his chips in the middle against New Zealand player Ray Walker when the flop came full of rags. Walker rolled pocket Jacks to be well behind but found himself hooking a lucky Jack on the river to bust one of the favoured contenders to win the event.

Ray Walker 01.jpg

Ray Walker, Eric Assadourian's first level executioner.

While Assadourian may have beaten up on Levy in the PLO yesterday, Levy has already doubled his stack this morning and is in a great spot. Facing a raise from middle position, Levy holding TT on the button called, as did the blinds. A flop of T-4-3 gave Levy the stone cold nuts and, facing a bet from the middle position player, Levy managed to get all the chips in on the flop. No help came for his opponent’s KK and Levy scooped a 20k pot.

Levy 01.jpg

Grant Levy, already caretaker of a double sized stack.

We will be keeping you posted as play progresses and more spectacular knockouts occur.