APPT Auckland: "The Voice" of the APPT

By James Potter and Eliot James

Paul 'The Voice' Khoury has unfortunately blessed the table with his last warm tones as he eventually succumbed to a lack of chips. Khoury lost a few early pots and found himself very short before fighting back to over 6k. He drew an up and down straight draw on the flop and called a bet. The top pair repeated on the turn and The Voice moved all in.

“I had him on an over pair and thought I could get him off.”

It was a good read by the APPT Season 1 Television host but he was called by Q-Q and the straight wasn’t to come on the end. Goodbye to the great man but make sure you all catch him and his mate Daniel Negreanu on Season 1 of the APPT.

Khoury 02.jpg

Paul Khoury PokerStars Sponsored player and APPT Season 1 Host.

The boys from are hard at work and have more good footage from the start of Day 1B here at SkyCity Casino, Auckland.

Watch APPT Auckland 08: Day 1b Intro on