APPT Macau: A sick beat at table nine

“This is an official warning for a chucker on table nine. This is not cricket. On the next chuck he gets a round.”

APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh runs a tight ship but loves a laugh, especially at the expense of a player who has turned up feeling a little under the weather.

One youngster (he pleaded with us not to name him, and luckily the pic below doesn't show his face) looks like he should have stopped at the 13th or 14th cocktail last night.


"Cocktails to table nine".

He’s been gradually going downhill all day, but it all turned very ugly a few minutes ago when he deposited the night’s takings straight into his cap.

After a brief “rest” in the nearby men’s facility (and a few laps of the Grand Waldo in a porcelain bus), he returned but has spent much of this level slumped over the table, only occasionally lifting his head to glance at his cards.

One player at table nine just commented about flopping the nuts. The reply was swift: “Man, please don’t mention food.”

A stickler for the rules, McDonagh just announced that all players in the main event should “wake up – we need you awake to play. Including table nine”.

Speaking of movements, Men “The Master” Nguyen and PokerStars Sponsored player Terrence Chan have been the big climbers on the leaderboard. Chan is now on 30,000.


Terrence Chan: takes your chips, but at least he's nice about it.

Chan doubled-up and eliminated another player (a set of nines against pocket 10s) on the same orbit and even shouted the eliminated player a Coke before he left the tournament area.


Men "The Master" makes his move.

Meanwhile Men “The Master” is up to 40,000 after he KOed Adam Schwartz. Nguyen was behind pre-flop with Js-10s against Schwartz’s Ad-9s but the board ran out Jd-Kd-8d-Jh-Ks to give Men a full house.


A pair of Team PokerStars Pros at table four: Lee Nelson and Isabelle Mercier.

And it’s been steady-as-she-goes for the Team PokerStars Pros today. Lee “Final Table” Nelson is on 32,000 with Isabelle Mercier – seated to Lee’s left – on 13,000. Joe Hachem just lost a big pot and is down to 10,000, while PokerStars Sponsored player Emad Tahtouh is on 12,000.

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Players are just about to take their final break for the day. Of the 229 players who started the day’s play, 113 remain. One level remains, with blinds up to 300/600 (ante 75).