APPT Macau: Hachem pushing up daisies

2005 WSOP Main Event champion and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem has just been eliminated from the tournament. In the big blind, Hachem moved all-in with four other players in the hand.

Daisy ‘Chain’ Wain, under-the-gun, sat back and chewed on her gum thoughtfully for a couple of minutes before counting out 12,000 chips for the call.

The rest of the table folded around to Joe, who tabled A-J offsuit, and then hung his head as Wain flipped over A-Q offsuit. The board ran out 10-high, and Hachem quickly exited the tournament area muttering under his breath as he passed the blogging table. Wain continues to profit from calling all-ins with many types of hands.


Joe Hachem: Back on the chain gang

Hachem has become one of the 102 players who have already left the Grand Waldo Casino tournament area today. It is quite possible we may not need to play all seven levels planned for today before the APPT Macau bubble bursts.
Another notable elimination was Van Nguyen, Men “The Master” Nguyen’s wife, who stood up and vanished so quickly after being knocked out, that nobody got a chance to ask her what happened. We’ll probably get an opportunity a little later on if she comes back to support her husband from the rail.


Yeongsok Choi is the new chip leader on 250,000

We also have a new APPT Macau chip leader. Andre Wagner rose to the chip lead way back on day 1A and held it until just recently, when Yeongsok Choi, from Korea, won a massive pot, catapulting him into leading position with 250,000 chips.

David Steicke, who finished as chip leader of the day 1B flight, has also continued his good form from Tuesday, and is sitting behind a sizable stack of 165,000. Wagner isn’t too far behind though in third chip position, holding steady on the 150,000 he held early in today’s play.

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