APPT Macau: River drowns Khan on successive hands

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With big names come big bust-outs, and the list of casualties is starting to mount up on day 1C of the APPT Macau main event.

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad Khan has just wandered by with details of his bust-out after a testing afternoon on what he described as the “toughest table in the room”.


Hevad Kahn is reminded that this can be a cruel game.

In consecutive hands, the river card proved a heart-breaker. Firstly Raymond Wu rivered a set of threes on a board of Kc-Js-Ac-6c-3s, then Khan pushed in his last 3000 in chips with pocket nines only to run into David Chiu’s pocket aces. Khan spiked a nine on the turn but the Ac quickly followed to end the Team PokerStars Pro’s day.

In the last few minutes, PokerStars Sponsored player John ‘Razor’ Phan was also spotted making his way over the boundary rope after committing the last of his few remaining chips.


John Phan's day is over.

With a board reading Jh-4c-3d-5h, Phan bet 1000, his opponent pushed all-in and Phan bet his remaining 2200 with Ad 5h but found himself in massive trouble against pocket jacks. The deuce he needed failed to materialise (the river was the 5c) ending Phan’s hope of adding to his remarkable tournament record for 2008. At least until next week’s APPT High Roller event!

PokerStars Sponsored player Tony Hachem is also free to dine at his leisure this evening after his last 1800 went into the pot on a board of 9h 2d 6c, with the caller showing pocket jacks. Hachem revealed 6d 4d for middle pair, but help didn’t arrive (turn 3h, river Ks) and Tony’s run of recent good form had come to an end.


J.C. Tran bows out at the expense of David Chiu.

J.C. Tran’s tournament is also over after he pushed all-in with pocket kings on a board of 7c-Qd-4s-6d, but 2008 WPT Championship winner David Chiu almost beat him into the pot with pocket queens. There was no help on the river for J.C. Tran.


Isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier stays under the radar.

In contrast, the remaining Team PokerStars Pros are cruising along nicely, with Joe Hachem (24,000) and Lee “Final Table” Nelson (22,000) among the chip leaders while Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier has been steadily picking her way through levels three and four to be around the chip average (13,000).


Carter Gill leads the pack on day 1C.

The current chip leader is Carter Gill, who finished 28th in last year’s APPT Grand Final in Sydney but was poised to go much deeper as one of the chip leaders late on the penultimate day. He was 14th in last week’s APT main event and thanks to a double-up through David Chiu, he’s currently leading today’s field with 40,000.

The prize pool has been finalised for the APPT Macau main event, with the winner assured HKD $3,540,040 (or approximately USD $453,850).

1 HKD $3,540,040 (USD $453,851.28)
2 HKD $2,275,740 (USD $291,761.54)
3 HKD $1,201,080 (USD $153,984.62)
4 HKD $847,080 (USD $108,600.00)
5 HKD $632,150 (USD $81,044.87)
6 HKD $442,500 (USD $56,730.77)
7 HKD $328,720 (USD $42,143.59)
8 HKD $240,220 (USD $30,797.44)
9 HKD $177,000 (USD $22,692.31)
10-12 HKD $126,430 (USD $16,208.97)
13-16 HKD $101,145 (USD $12,967.31)
17-24 HKD $75,860 (USD $9725.64)
25-32 HKD $63,215 (USD $8104.49)
33-40 HKD $50,570 (USD $6483.33)
41-48 HKD $44,250 (USD $5673.08)
49-56 HKD $37,930 (USD $4862.82)