APPT Macau: The music's over for Wagner

The redraw for the top 23 players in the APPT Macau main event after the elimination of 15 players in less than 90 minutes of play early on day 3. The short stacks were on the move early, but now some of the more fancied chances are starting to feel the pressure.


David Steicke sends John Juanda on his way.

After reaching the final table of the APPT High Roller event here last year, John Juanda has bowed out in 26th spot after he made a stand with K-5 only to find David Steicke ready for the race with pocket jacks. The board (10-10-6-6-2) brought no help for the three-time WSOP bracelet winner.

Finnish PokerStars qualifier Taneli Tiikkaja continues his charge, and just took out overall day one chip leader Andre Wagner. After a miserable start to the day, Wagner was short-stacked and committed the last of his chips with Ad-Jd on a flop of 6c-10d-3d, drawing against Tiikkaja’s pocket queens. There was no ace or diamond to save Wagner as his APPT Macau dreams became an unfinished symphony.

Another of the chip leaders entering day three, Canadian PokerStars qualifier Keith Wintermans, has also just been taken out. The money went in on the river after the board came 2h-4s-As-Ad-7s, with Wintermans showing Qs-6s for a flush but Huang’s Ks-10s allowed the Singaporean to rake in a massive pot.


Keith Wintermans: Huang, drawn and quartered.

Simon Greene had patiently waited for more than an hour for a hand with which to bet the last of his chips and woke up early in level 12 to find pocket aces. He was happy to see Diwei Huang call with pocket fives, but Simon turned green when a five landed on the flop.

The short-stack entering today, Quinn Do hung on until his Ad-Qs met Mudasser Khan’s pocket sevens, with the 10-high board enough fore the Dane to take the pot and send Do to the rail.

Table redraw (23 players remaining)

Table 1

Seat 1: Eugene Borukhov
Seat 2: Charles Chua
Seat 3: David Steicke
Seat 4: Tian Chen
Seat 5: Mark Walsh
Seat 6: Joel Dodds
Seat 7: So Myung Sim
Seat 8: Mikael Rosen

Table 2

Seat 1: David Chiu
Seat 2: Jeppe Drusholm
Seat 3: Ole Steinvik
Seat 4: Kenny Hicks
Seat 5: Javed Abrahams
Seat 6: Mudasser Khan
Seat 7: Kevin MacPhee
Seat 8: Kuok Wai Will Cheong

Table 3

Seat 1: Charles Lam
Seat 2: Adrian Mills
Seat 3: Edward Sabat
Seat 4: Taneli Tiikkaja
Seat 5: Diwei Huang
Seat 6: Carter Gill
Seat 7: Jung Hyun Choi

Top 5 chip counts (approximate)

Charles Chua 550,000
Edward Sabat 470,000
Diwei Huang 450,000
Jung Hyun Choi 450,000
David Steicke 360,000

Recent eliminations and payouts

24 Keith Wintermans (Canada) HKD $75,860
25 Quinn Do (Korea) HKD $63,215
26 John Juanda (USA) HKD $63,215
27 Kejing Tang (China) HKD $63,215
28 Andre Wagner (Germany) HKD $63,215
29 Simon Greene (UK) HKD $63,215