APPT Manila: Action proves contagious; final table decided

After tip-toeing their way through the late-evening session on day 2 of the APPT Manila main event, the gloves came off in the past 30 minutes with seven of the last 16 players eliminated, meaning the final table has been decided for later today.

It all started when Rudy Lim’s pocket sixes trailed the pocket nines of Dimitrios Pappis from the get-go and never caught up. Lim finished 16th.

Next to go was PokerStars qualifier Rey Tuason of the Philippines, who made his move with the best hand (Ah-10d) against Noh Tae Jun’s Kh-8h but the Korean connected with the board of Jc-Kc-9d-5s-8s. His countryman June Caberoy followed in 14th spot.

The big pot of the evening came when William Te Jr pushed all-in on a flop of 10s-4c-6d, with Pappis and Hyoungjin Nam making the call. Te Jr showed Kh-10h, Pappis held 7d-8d and Nam had the made hand with pocket sixes for a set. Queens on the turn and river gave Nam a massive pot, while Pappis was crippled and Te Jr was out in 13th.


William Te Jr was on the wrong end of the biggest pot of the night.

The gallant run of Tasha Ellis ended in 12th when she had the worst of it (Kc-Jc) in a three-way pot with Nam (pocket queens) and Pappis (Ac-Kh), with an ace on the flop giving Pappis brief respite before he bowed in 11th after Chang Yong Suk rivered a jack to make a pair against the Canadian’s As-10d on a board of 5d-10c-8c-8s-Jd.

The big shock of the evening was the elimination of former chip leader Josh Pang Ang in 10th. After calling a raise to 25,000, Pang Ang and Noh Tae Jun saw a flop of 10h-Kh-7h. Ang checked, Jun bet 60,000, Ang re-raised all-in and Jun called, showing Jh-9h for a flush. Ang’s As-10s was in a world of hurt, and his tournament was over when the Qc fell on the river.

This leaves us with a final table comprising three Koreans (Hyoungjin Nam, Chang Yong Suk and Noh Tae Jun), Team PokerStars Pro Lee “Final Table” Nelson, PokerStars Sponsored player Van Marcus, Manish Sansi of Hong Kong and a trio of local players – Rainier Aquino, Ramil Tandoc and Benjamin Lim. We’ll be back at 12.30pm for the start of the 2008 APPT Manila final table.

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