APPT Manila: Brothers head in different directions

APPT Manila: Brothers head in different directions

PokerStars Sponsored Player and defending APPT Manila Champion, Brett Parise, is here with his brother Rob. The two brothers have come out from the USA together, and the older Rob is taking good care of his younger brother. The Parises are sitting back-to-back on neighbouring tables.

In recent hands, they’ve had radically divergent results. Brett has been running well, picking up a number of weakly contested pots. One hand saw Brett raise to 225 in early position, and for only the button to call him. The board came out As-5d-3s, and Brett bet the pot of 525. The other player folded.


Brett Parise is doing well early.

By contrast, on Rob's table, a player raised to 200 from the cutoff, and Rob elected to re-raise to 800 from the button. The board came 9d-6d-Jc and the other player checked to Rob. Rob bet 1300 into the 1675 chip pot, and was soon check raised to 3,000. After an agonising consideration, Rob elected to fold with 6800 chips remaining.


Rob Parise is showing some early form, but having a tough run.