APPT Manila: Carron is OBSTructed

Sparks are flying between mates Andrew Obst and PokerStars Sponsored Player Van Marcus. Minutes ago, Obst pushed all-in preflop, and Van insisted that he count it precisely, even instructing the dealer to not help count his chips.

The following hand, Van tried to call the clock on Obst as soon as Obst looked at his hand. But it's all in good fun, as Marcus has been showing the 18-year-old the ropes on his first trip to the Philippines.

Soon after, PokerStars Qualifier Patrick Carron from the USA pushed all-in for 12,900 with blinds of 1000/2000. Van Marcus called, and Obst pushed over the top from the big blind. Van Marcus then folded pocket sixes face-up.

Obst showed A-Q and Carron had A-8. The flop of 3c-8d-5d gives Carron the lead, with a Js on the turn. Fortunately for Obst, though, the Qc came on the river to give him a large pot of over 40,000 chips.


Carron has been eliminated from the tournament.

As the dealer cleaned up the cards, Van let out a exasperated plea to Obst, "Why you squeezing me, brother?" The mild-mannered man from Adelaide, Australia, didn't need to reply, and let his play do the talking as Obst stacked up his chips.