APPT Manila: Danish flag flies high and proud

Poker players tend to come in two categories – the ones who could talk underwater and have little hesitation regaling banal details of hand after hand after hand. And then there’s Jeppe Drivsholm.

Like new WSOP main event champion Peter Eastgate, Drivsholm hails from Denmark. We first met Jeppe in Macau, where he made the final table of the APPT Macau main event and finished fifth, taking home USD $81,000. But getting a word out of the 24-year-old student was like pulling teeth.

It’s safe to say Jeppe is happy to let his stack do the talking, and it’s speaking volumes after a stunning 15-minute period in the APPT Manila main event, in which his stack went from a few thousand to more than 60,000.


Jeppe Drivsholm is out to add another APPT final table to his CV.

His short-stack was initially halved when an opponent made a runner-runner straight to overtake his pair of queens, then he rivered a higher pair a few hands later to restore his stack above 20,000.

Then the real drama started. With a short-stack all-in for 10,000, Drivsholm shoved in over the top for almost 25,000. The crowd came running when Melvin “The Miracle” Matibag said he was also all-in for 59,000.

The short stack showed Ac-Kd, Drivsholm pocket queens and Matibag Ad-Qh. The board stayed low – 5d-2c-4c-7s-7c – sending one player to the rail and Matibag down to less than 35,000. We warn you Jeppe, there might be another interview tomorrow.

As play is about to tick into level 9 (30 minutes to go) and with 42 players remaining, it’s a good time to preview the massive day of action we have planned at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino tomorrow.

Highlighting the day’s action is day 2 of the APPT Manila main event as we head towards the final table. There’s also the PHP 250,000 buy-in APPT Manila High Roller event at 8pm, and early indications are there may be as many as 30 players in action. Completing the line-up is the PHP 40,000 Seven-handed event from 6pm.

In addition to our coverage of the main event, the PokerStars blogging team will also be keeping a close eye on play in the High Roller event. Should be a great day at the Hyatt.