APPT Manila: Ellis clears the decks for entree

The last crumb has been cleaned off the dinner buffet and the 70 remaining players on day 1B of the APPT Manila main event have returned to the tournament area for the final 150 minutes of play.


The race for a spot in the day 2 field is on in earnest.

The break gave Tasha Ellis a chance to reflect on the most remarkable hand of the tournament, in which she eliminated three rivals in the final minutes of level six.

With two short stacks all-in pre-flop, APPT Seoul champion Yoshihiro Tasaka also moved all-in before Ellis made a brave move over the top.

The short stacks showed Jh-10s and pocket 10s, Tasaka held pocket nines while Ellis’ Ad-Kc also trailed. But not for long – the flop came Ah-2c-8h and the turn 5h to give one of the short stacks a flush draw. But the brick 6s meant a mass exodus from table 7 as Ellis began the laborious task of piling her huge stack.

Ellis isn’t the only female making her mark today. The novelty value of beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles has been long forgotten as she strides confidently into the evening session.

Since arriving at table 17, Canadian PokerStars qualifier Dimitrios Pappis has been the aggressor but he just shipped a pile of chips to the PokerStars Sponsored princess.

Meirelles bet both the turn and river, with calls coming from Pappis. He showed A-J for two-pair, but Meirelles showed Q-10 for the nuts, an ace-high straight. That pot takes her above 30,000, while Pappis is down to about 37,000.

Other PokerStars Sponsored players still in the hunt are Ivan Tan (27,000), defending champ Brett Parise (26,000), Van sirens Marcus (21,000) and Celina Lin (18,000) while the sole Team PokerStars Pro, Lee “Final Table” Nelson, is just below the chip average on 16,000.


Lee Nelson – hangin' in there.

And a special shout-out to Melvin “The Miracle” Matibag, who reached the final table at the first two events of the PokerStars Filipino Poker Tour and finished second in FPT1. He’s up to 46,000 and proudly waving the flag for the local contingent.