APPT Manila: Final table update (level 24)

Level 24: What a night – from wildly loose play to two hours of the tightest check-check-check poker you’d ever see, all climaxing in another suckout for PokerStars Sponsored player Van Marcus. For the fourth time at this final table, Marcus has come from behind to win a hand. Again, his victim was the unfortunate Korean Hyoung Jin Nam.

It started out as another small-ball hand – Tae Jun folds, Marcus completes from the small blind, Nam raises to 75,000 and Marcus calls. The flop came 4d-6d-7s; fairly innocuous. Marcus checked, Nam bet 50,000, Marcus check-raised to 190,000, only to have Nam push all-in over the top. Marcus called quickly, declaring that he'd need to suck out yet again.

Nam showed 5s-8c for the made straight and the stone cold nuts while Marcus held 8d-9s for an open-ended straight draw. The Ks comes on the turn then, sure enough, the river card is the 5d. Marcus went crazy, wildly shaking his first at the table to “ship it”.


One-time? Try four times, Van Marcus does it again.

So for the first time, Van Marcus is in the chip lead. He has 1,169,000, narrowly ahead of Tae Jun Noh (1,100,000) with Hyoung Jin Nam now down to 505,000. We’re now on break, as it will take everyone a few minutes to recover from that hand. When players return, blinds will be at 20,000/40,000 (antes 5000).

Here's a look at the beginning of the day.

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