APPT Manila: Final table update (level 27)

This is officially a record APPT final table – we’re into the 14th hour of the final table and the 11th hour of actual play. Play has also reached level 27, which has never been reached in any other APPT event.


"Are we there yet?"

The audience is getting decidedly silly (yes, there’s a still an audience here), judging by the chants that are regularly starting up and the slow hand-clap. Last year’s winner Brett Parise and his brother Rob have barely missed a hand all day.

And best of all, it shows absolutely no sign of ending. APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh just announced that PokerStars Sponsored player Van Marcus and his Korean opponent Noh Tae Jun were dead-even in chips.

And it’s not like they’re playing small pots – 400,000 in chips is regularly being shuffled from one end of the table to the other, but there hasn’t been an all-in bet that’s been called. The local time is 4.15am – many of the APPT staffers have 9am flights out of Manila and given the horrendous traffic that clogs the roads each morning, some are looking nervously at their watches. Sleep? Lol.