APPT Manila: Four aces better than three for Obst

Then there were two: only Brett Parise and Van Marcus remain in contention to make it back-to-back APPT Manila final tables after Ira Blumenthal was eliminated early on day 2 here at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino.

After Van Marcus KOed Daniel Nordstrom quads about an hour ago, this time James Andy McLEOD Obst used his Ad-10d to make quads on a board of 2d-Ac-7h-As-Ah to cripple Blumenthal (Q-7), who thought his full house was good. He was eliminated on the next hand.


So where's that missing ace? In the hand of James Obst.

In the past few minutes, we’ve also lost PokerStars Sponsored player Ivan Tan. After losing a significant number of chips (A-K versus K-8, with an eight landing on the turn), Tan’s last stand was also with A-K, but failed to hit against his opponent’s pocket pair.


Ivan Tan's hopes of a third APPT cash have ended with the bubble in sight.

There’s a palpable sense of pressure in the room just 16 spots short of the money. Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson and PokerStars Sponsored players Celina Lin, Wally Sombrero, Priscilla Meirelles and Van Marcus remain well positioned to cash – indeed, Van has just ascended to the top of the chip count on 180,000.


Wally Sombrero manages a smile, but it's been tough going for "The Dream".

But it’s been a tough opening two sessions for the spiritual leader of Filipino Poker, Wally Sombrero. Fiercely determined to do well in this event, “The Dream” started the day just outside the top 10 chip counts on 60,100 but is now down to about 25,000. He’s getting plenty of support from the local fans who are spilling through the door out into the cash-game area to get a glimpse of the action.

Mixed fortunes for two players who’ve recorded excellent results on the Australian tournament scene this year. Michael Chrisanthopoulos (third at this year’s Aussie Millions main event) has just been KOed by Dane Jeppe Drivsholm after pushing his K-7 into a board of Kd-9h-3h only to find Drivsholm with a set of threes.

At an adjacent table, 2008 PokerNews Cup champion Nali “Iraqi Nick” Kaselias just sent Jong Sung Kim packing when his pocket kings held sway against Kim’s Ah-Qs. Kaselias is up to almost 50,000 in chips.