APPT Manila: It's Ellis, then the fellas

The race for the money gets serious tomorrow when we return to the ballroom at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino in the Filipino capital for the penultimate day’s play in the APPT Manila main event. Just 77 of the 285 players who took their seats on the two flights of day one will return for day two – their first aim will be to reach the payout stage.

The total prize pool is PHP 26,790,000 (approximately USD $542,856), with the top 32 players set to receive a payout. Our winner will take home PHP 8,037,000 (approximately USD $162,856) and the title of 2008 APPT Manila champion.


It's quiet now, but 77 players will be back tomorrow in pursuit of the APPT Manila title.

The day 1B field of 136 ensured that the total number of players surpassed last year’s figure by 30, underlining the growth in the popularity of poker regionally in the past 12 months (all set against the backdrop of a financial woes across the globe).

The big names were out in force today, led by the only Team PokerStars Pro to find his way to Manila, New Zealand’s Lee “Final Table” Nelson. The field also included PokerStars Sponsored players Celina Lin, Ivan Tan, Van sirens Marcus, JJ Liu, 2008 APPT Manila champion Brett Parise and Japanese duo Yoshihiro Tasaka and Hidenari Shiono.

There was also a massive local presence – FPT3 winner Neil “Dirty Ice Cream” Arce, 2004 Miss Earth Priscilla Meirelles and pool legend Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan were just a few.

Other prominent names playing were James AndyMcLEOD Obst, Nali “Iraqi Nick” Kaselias, David Steicke, Roger Spets, Eddy Sabat and Casey Kastle.

The player best placed to add their name to the APPT honour roll from day 1B was Scotland’s Natasha Ellis. The PokerStars Supernova made her move during the mid-stages of day 1B, and shot to the chip lead when she KOed three players in one hand just before dinner. She lost a big pot to Van Marcus shortly after the main break, but was back in the lead shortly before day’s end.


Blondes have more fun: Day 1B chip leader Natasha Ellis.

Paul Kim raised from early position, and Ellis called from the small blind. The flop came 9h-2c-3h, Ellis bet 2100 and Kim raised to 7500. Ellis pushed all-in, and Kim called with a further 20,000 chips behind. Ellis made a set of deuces on the flop, while Kim held A-9. The turn came Kh and river Ad, delivering Ellis a solid chip lead, with 112,100 chips.

Other players prominently placed included Marcus, who final-tabled here last year (69,700), Denmark’s Jeppe Drivsholm (65,400), Canada’s Dimitrios Pappis (63,300) and Chris Roh from Korea (57,500).

Tomorrow’s day 2 field will also include Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson (32,000) and PokerStars Sponsored players Ivan Tan (37,300), Priscilla Meirelles (24,100), Celina Lin (27,400) and last year’s winner Brett Parise (13,300).


Lee Nelson congratulates Priscilla Meirelles on her tremendous achievement to reach day 2 in the APPT Manila main event.

We’ll be back at 12.30pm tomorrow for the continuation of play in the APPT Manila main event, plus updates from the APPT Manila High Roller event.