APPT Manila: Marcus lands the miracle

The random table draw that somehow seated PokerStars Sponsored player Van Marcus next to David Saab promised fireworks, and it didn’t take long for someone at table 11 to light the wick early on day 2 in the APPT Manila main event.

But before the two Aussie livewires butted heads, Marcus featured in one of the most remarkable hands in APPT history. Hang on, we’ve been covering these events since the tour’s inception, this was THE sickest hand we’ve ever seen on the APPT.


Van Marcus returns to his seat after peeling himself off the ceiling.

The board showed 7c-10h-Ah-3s when the money went in, with Daniel Nordstrom happy to see that his set of 10s had Marcus’ set of threes well under control. “Hit the one-outer, it’s that easy,” Saab chortled. Sure enough, the 3c sailed down the river to give Marcus runner-runner quads as the room erupted. To Nordstrom’s credit, he took the beat well, shook Van’s hand, and quietly left the tournament area.

The huge media contingent (that’s not an exaggeration, you can barely move between the tables) had barely left the area when the predicted showdown came against Marcus and Saab.


Smiling to the end, David Saab has been eliminated from the APPT Manila main event.

Frustrated by Saab’s willingness to raise most pots, Marcus made a stand at just the right time, with pocket kings dominating Saab’s Ad-Jc. “Get away from this table,” Marcus bellowed, only half-jokingly.

Steeled for a charge at the title after reaching two previous APPT final tables, Marcus is now in the driver’s seat with more than 150,000 in chips but still trails Chang Yong Suk, who has improved to 160,000 in the early going.

After a dramatic and utterly enthralling early afternoon session (players are taking their first 10-minute break for the day), 59 players remain of the 77 who started day 2. Michael Shell (125,000), Natasha Ellis (110,000) and Hyoungjin Nam (90,000) are also prominently placed.

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