APPT Manila: Nelson wounded in battle of Parise

With blinds at 600/1200, and one limper, Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson raised in late position. Defending champion Brett Parise pushed all-in from the small blind for an additional 10,900 chips, and after the other player folded, Nelson was faced with a tough decision.

He calculated his pot odds in great detail, as the observers could virtually see his mind meticulously ticking over and calculating the correct move. Nelson decided to call, and revealed his 8h-6h, saying "I know I'm behind" and Parise revealed Ah-Qs.


Lee Nelson ponders the situation.

The flop gave hope to both players, coming Ad-Jh-Qh, giving Parise top two-pair, but giving Nelson a flush draw. Ks on the turn and 8d on the river was no help to Nelson, however, and Parise doubled up to around 29,000.