APPT Manila: Parise's tower tumble

The table currently attracting the most attention is Table 7, which features the defending champion and PokerStars Sponsored player Brett Parise, and the current chip leader and PokerStars SuperNova, Natasha Ellis.

Parise has been picking up some solid small pots, but recently lost a couple of towers of chips to a local player.

In early position, Ellis raised to 1700 with blinds at 300/600, and Parise and the small blind called. The flop of 7c-4d-3c generated action, with the small blind leading out for 2200, Ellis folding.

Interrupted by the tournament director on the speakers briefly, Parise decided to raise to 6300. Shortly afterwards, the small blind pushed all-in for an additional 8075 chips, and Parise resigned himself to calling.


Defending champion Brett Parise converted a freeroll on PokerStars into over $180,000 at last year's APPT Manila event

Parise flipped over pocket jacks, and was relieved to see the small blind reveal Ac-4c. Even though Parise was now a slight underdog, it was certainly a lot better than seeing his opponent with a set.

The Qd on the turn allowed Parise to fade one of the outs, but the river As gave the small blind a bigger pair and a large tower of chips from Parise.