APPT Manila: Pocket Lins bust, and we're in the money

After a very tight bubble period in the APPT Manila main event, we’re in the money after consecutive hands – one in the feature table and one in the main tournament area.

In the TV studio, PokerStars Sponsored player Celina Lin bowed out just two spots short of the money when she found her two-pair, jacks and nines had been behind all the way against Mike Marvanek’s flopped set of fours.


Celina Lin came within a whisker of a second APPT cash.

Not surprisingly, it was new chip leader Josh Pang Ang who delivered the final blow against Xiaogang Lin, who moved in his short stack with Ac-8c and found himself up against Pang Ang’s Ad-Jc, with the board running out Kc-3c-5s-7s-6s.


Stack 'em if ya got 'em: chip leader Josh Pang Ang.

The Singaporean’s massive stack of almost 260,000 came mainly thanks to the UK’s Tony Phillips in two pivotal hands. The crunch hand started when Phillips pushed to 6200 pre-flop and Ang called in. The flop was Jh Qc Ac. Phillips checked, Ang bet 8800 and Phillips called. The turn was Jd, Phillips checked, Ang bet 19,000 and Phillips called.

The river was a seemingly innocuous 5h. Phillips again checked, Ang pushed all-in for 65,000 and Phillips eventually called and showed Kc Qh. But Ang had rivered a set of fives, sending Phillips into an obscenity-loaded rage.

To rub salt into the wound, Ang finished him off a few hands later when he made quad threes on a board 3s-3c-4h-4c-3d holding just Qh-3h against Phillips’ pocket kings.


Tony Phillips exited the APPT Manila main event in sensational fashion.

During the past level (12), we’ve lost PokerStars Sponsored players Wally “The Dream” Sombero (pocket deuces against Tony Phillips’ A-9, ace in the window) and a gallant Priscilla Meirelles (whose run ended when Pang Ang’s A-Q held up against her A-8) while James Obst, who was crippled when Rudy Lim made a river-river flush with A-Q against Obst’s A-K), has also been eliminated just short of his first live tournament cash.

With just a few minutes remaining in level 13, blinds will soon be up to 1500/3000 with a 500 ante. Players who finish in positions 25-32 are assured a payout of PHP 160,740 (or USD 3257.14).

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