APPT Manila: Qualifiers flip for stacks

PokerStars Qualifier Arthur Kocher is off to a blazing start on day 2 of the APPT Manila main event, picking up two handy pots early on.

With blinds at 500/1000 and around 20,000 chips, Singapore player Fam Kai Yat raised to 2600 in early position. Kocher called, and PokerStars Sponsored Player Celina Lin called from the small blind. The flop of Ah-2h-Qc brought no joy to Lin or Yat, and Kocher, in position, bet 4000. Lin and Yat folded, with Yat flipping J-J as he did.


PokerStars Qualifier Arthur Kocher came to Manila on a $27 PokerStars steps qualifier, and is on track for a hefty pay-off

Shortly afterwards, Kocher limped under the gun and fellow PokerStars Qualifier David Salgado from the United States pushed all-in for an additional 10,200 chips. The action folded around to Kocher, who, after a few moments of deliberation, announced a call. Kocher held As-Jd, and Salgado held 4d-4c.

The board came 5d-8c-9h-10d-Qh, and initially many observers had thought that the pocket fours had won the pot Ð but Kocher's Jd made a straight to the Q. Salgado walked away from the table, and Kocher now holds over 50,000 chips and has a chance to run deep into this tournament.