APPT Manila: Sabbatical for Sabat

Eddy Sabat came here with a big opportunity, but has been knocked out of contention after calling an all-in bet on the river and losing.

A player in early position raised to 625, and Yoshihiro Tasaka re-raised to 1950. Sabat took the unusual decision to cold call the re-raise, and seeing the prospective pot size, the initial raiser called.

The flop came Ah-5h-Qc, and all three players checked with this very large pot and a scary board. Kh came on the turn, and the initial raiser bet 6000, Tasaka folded, and Sabat called again.


Sabat eyes his opponent.

The 2h came on the river, putting four hearts on the board. After some consideration, the initial raiser went all-in, with comfortably covering Sabat.

Sabat considered the situation at some length, and his opponent eventually called the clock on him, giving him just one more minute to make his decision. Sabat began to think out loud, saying that he could beat a pair of black fours.

Then, in a controversial move, he lifted his chips, and motioned to call, but held on to the chips. This didn't perturb the stony-faced bettor, who stood silently.

After further consideration, Sabat finally announced that he would call, and was devastated to see his opponent flip over Jh-9h for the second nuts. Sabat left the room quickly, with nothing to show for his valiant efforts today.