APPT Manila: Van crashes into Saab, only slight damage

In the midst of the second level with blinds at 600/1200, PokerStars Sponsored Player Van Marcus has collided with fellow Aussie and old sparring partner David Saab. In a raised pot preflop, the flop was 2h-7s-9h. Another bet and a call, and the pot was now around 45,000 chips.


Van Marcus is an imposing figure at the poker table.

The turn 6c inspired Van to push all-in for 40,000, easily covering Saab. Saab performed a series of chip dances facing an obviously tough decision of whether to commit his remaining 25,000 chips. He pondered, he thought, he ran past hands through his head, he studied the situation and he studied Van Marcus intensely.

Eventually, Saab folded QhJh face-up, and Van revealed his 8s-8c. "You call yourself a player, and you fold getting three-to-one?" said a triumphant Van. Both players managed to avoid a showdown, and with the talk at the table heating up, these two players will probably have another collision soon.