APPT Manila: Waki takes a walk

Japanese poker identity Yasuhiro Waki has been on a short-stacked roller coaster that eventually ran off the rails midway through day 1B in the APPT Manila main event at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino.

On the high profile table that includes James Obst, Max Bloom, Eddy Sabat and Yoshihiro Tasaka, Waki has been a very aggressive short stack. Not long ago, he tripled up in a hand against Obst.

The pot was raised in early position to 600, Obst re-raised to 1800, and Waki went all-in for 1275 chips remaining. On the flop of 4h-2c-4s, Obst went all-in and pushed the third player out of the pot, and Waki's 3-3 held up against Obst's A-K as the board ran out Jd and then 7s.

Soon after, Waki doubled up with A-8 all-in preflop against 6-6. However, he was knocked out a handful of hands later, after running A-T into Q-Q (all-in on a T-2-4 flop) and then his K-3 lost to T-T all-in preflop when short stacked. Waki's day may be over, but with plenty of Japanese players remaining (including Yoshihiro Tasaka who has a very healthy stack) the sun may rise on a Japanese player yet.