APPT Seoul: Big names trip up early on day 2

The final Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand ElkY Grospellier has been eliminated from the APPT Seoul main event. ElkY shrugged his shoulders as Osawa Masahiro scooped up his chips, but could have been forgiven for turning on a more demonstrative display of his feelings.


ElkY heads home early on day 2.

In a four-way pot and the flop reading Ac-7c-7s, Nick Lackovic bet 2000, Osawa Masahiro made it 8000, ElkY pushed all-in for approximately 16,000, Lackovic folded and Masahiro called.

ElkY showed Qd-7h, but Masahiro had him out-kicked with Kd-7d, and a pair of bricks (3d 6c) meant the final Team PokerStars Pro was headed for the rail.

Not known for being a big table talker, ElkY’s behaviour at the table has been mirrored by most of the Asian players who go about their business with a minimum of fuss. Thankfully, they haven’t picked up on the habit of jumping from their seats and screaming “one time” or bemoaning even the slightest of bad beats.

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Aussie Van Marcus was another player to leave the tournament area in the first level of play after he called the all-in of Michael Bang on a flop of Qc-3c-Qs. In hand eerily similar to that which eliminated ElkY, Marcus showed Qd-10s but Bang revealed Qh-Js.


Van Marcus prepares to gather his gear for the walk to the exit.

There was no help for Marcus, as Bang celebrated his second KO of the day as his stack approached 50,000 and the chip lead.

Speaking of the chip leader, Jan Van Dyk missed the first 30 minutes of play (“slept in,” he said with a sheepish grin) but he looks well rested and wasted little time winning a couple of pots to make up for the blinds he’d already contributed.


"Let's be friends" – David Saab makes his presence felt.

At table 12, David Saab has shaken off yesterday’s hangover and his back to his normal chatty and sociable self. However, Randy Propson has taken exception to Saab’s incessant chatter, which should make for an interesting afternoon especially with their table unlikely to be broken until later in the day.

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APPT Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has just informed us that play may end once the bubble (top 16) has been reached. As this event is not being filmed for TV, the final table will take much less time than previous APPT final tables.

APPT Seoul main event payouts

1 USD$128,216
2 USD$80,135
3 USD$44,074
4 USD$32,054
5 USD$26,043
6 USD$20,033
7 USD$16,027
8 USD$12,020
9 USD$8013
10 USD$6010
11 USD$6010
12 USD$6010
13 USD$4006
14 USD$4006
15 USD$4006
16 USD$4006