APPT Seoul: Final table profiles

A lightning session has resulted in the final table being decided just over two hours from the time play commenced on day 3 of the APPT Seoul main event at the Paradise Walker-hill Casino.


Wooka Kim's smile before the flop evaporated after Sam Faqiryar made a pair.

Short-stacked Japanese pro Wooka Kim moved all-in from the button and received a call from Canadian Sam Faqiryar, who held just 7h-4h while Kim had him dominated with Ac-4c. The flop was good for him (7h-9s-2d) and he stayed ahead with the turn (3s) and river (4d) missing Kim.

Earlier Kwok Yeung was eliminated in 11th when he pushed in his last 21,000 chips, with David Horvath making the call. Yeung was ahead (Ah-Kc) to Horvath’s As-10d but the board ran out Qd-7d-8d-Jd-9c to give the Hungarian a flush. APPT Seoul main event final table profiles


Seat 1: Dan Williams, Canada (42,000 in chips): This trip has been an emotional experience for the 29-year-old father of one. Not only has he had the chance to catch up with a brother he hadn’t spoken to for three years, he’s cashed in the first live poker tournament he’s ever played after qualifying on PokerStars for less than $9. “And a shout out to all the boys at TDL!”


Seat 2: Daniel rekrul Schreiber, Seoul, South Korea (253,500 in chips): Having won the 2007 WSOP $5000 Heads-up event, at the age of 22, this PokerStars Sponsored player arrived in South Korea in 2004 to compete as a professional StarCraft gamer. He reached the final table of the APPT Seoul main event last year, and finished eighth.


Seat 3: Yoshihiro Tasaka, Osaka, Japan (226,500 in chips): This 49-year-old father of one has been playing poker for many years (30 in fact) and got swept up in the Hold’em craze last year. An employee in the service industry, this is his first live tournament ever into which he bought-in directly.


Seat 4: Fam Yat, Singapore (66,500 in chips): This 28-year-old is a primary school maths tutor and has been playing poker for barely 12 months. He qualified for the APPT Seoul main event via a live satellite in Macau, and is looking forward to emulating the finishes of his countrymen Ivan Tan and Bryan Huang from Macau.


Seat 5: David Horvath, Szodliget, Hungary (124,000 in chips): A poker player for the past five years, the 29-year-old brings plenty of tournament experience to this final table. He qualified for this trip to Seoul on PokerStars and is enjoying his first trip to this part of Asia and the APPT.


Seat 6: Yuji Masaki, Hiroshima, Japan (13,500 in chips): A relative veteran with more than a decade of poker experience under his belt but has only been a serious player for the past year. A 45-year-old pharmacist, he won a satellite on PokerStars to play here in Seoul and is looking forward to breaking the duck for Japanese players on this tour.


Seat 7: Sam Faqiryar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (185,000 in chips): Just 20 years of age, the full-time poker player had a taste of APPT action in Macau before qualifying for this event via a 10-seat Guarantee on PokerStars. This is just his second live tournament, but he’s harnessed plenty of experience online where MTTs are his game of choice.


Seat 8: Brian Kang, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (394,000 in chips): Born in Canada of Korean heritage, this 29-year-old is looking forward to sharing his success with father Jang Suk Kang, who accompanied the finance analyser to his former homeland. “But his too scared to come out of the room,” Brian said. A poker player for three years, he plays mostly online cash games at PokerStars and brought in directly for this event.


Seat 9: Hidenari Shiono, Tokyo, Japan (269,000 in chips): The president of a hardware company, this 39-year-old saved a little each week (beer and cigarettes were the two vices of Shiono to suffer) so he could buy-in directly. He’s earned an immediate return on investment, assured a payout of USD $8013, but has bigger plans at this final table.