APPT Seoul: Macau table-mates reunited

The opening day of the APPT Seoul main event is starting to take shape, with 25 of the 165 players already free to sample to sights and sounds (and smells) of Korea’s capital city.

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The three Team PokerStars Pros in action – Greg Raymer, Bertrand ElkY Grospellier and Hevad Khan – have safely negotiated the opening two one-hour levels to be placed on 9500, 12,500 and 11,500 in chips respectively.


ElkY leads the three Team PokerStars Pros after two levels.

Fresh from his APPT Macau main event victory, Eddie Sabat has bolted from the stalls to be among the chip leaders on 32,000, with fellow PokerStars Sponsored players Dan Schreiber and Ivan Tan (21,000) also solid early.


"So, should we swap a few points?" Chua and Sabat are at it again.

Incredibly, Sabat is seated next Charles Chua – as if the pair didn’t spend enough time together at the final table of the APPT Macau main event where they filled the top two positions.

David Saab has been his normal erratic self in the early going – wearing a Vancouver Canucks NHL guernsey and nursing a nasty hangover, Saab has been unusually quiet so far today but has been involved in more pots than not and currently sits on 17,000 in chips.


There are more than a few poker players who'd like to a fire a hockey puck or two in David Saab's direction!

We also just chatted with perhaps the three most jet-lagged players in the room – Aussies Michael Pedley, Kent Hunter and Terry Gardiner. The trio have been on a business trip to Russia but managed to squeeze Seoul into their schedule on the way home.

They flew into Incheon at 11am and made a lightning trip across the city (a challenge that all Seoul taxi drivers relish) to make it here in time for the first hand. Pedley reported they even played a few hands of poker while in Russia despite being in a remote region several hours east of Moscow. Poker knows no boundaries.

In contrast, poker’s latest poster child, PokerStars Sponsored player Celina Lin, is still becoming accustomed to the attention that comes with her celebrity in Asia (a glamorous cover on the Asian Poker Times didn’t hurt her profile one bit).


"No autographs please, Ms Lin is in a hand".

But a steelier Lin, a Chinese-born player now living in Melbourne, is more focussed on her performance at the tables in this tournament to consolidate her position as one of the rising stars of the game in this region. She’s sitting just above the starting stack of 10,000 and looking solid.