APPT Seoul: Players go 'nanas as the bubble approaches

“Players the banana bucket is coming around.” Now that’s a line you’re unlikely to here in a poker room, but APPT Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has just alerted players that they won’t need to hang on to those peels for too much longer.

Yes, the PokerStars girls have once again been delivering a much-needed energy burst to the 32 players still in contention midway through day two of the APPT Seoul main event at the Paradise Walker-hill Casino.

In the shadow of the giant wedding ceremony that has just wound up in the theatre adjacent to the casino (we noticed the groom pop in for a few rounds of baccarat), the race for the cash is on in earnest.

One player who’s carefully picked his marks today is the Korean-based Tim Davis, but his stack is now the biggest in the room after he eliminated Justin Jung. The money went in on the river with the board showing 3h-2h-7c-As-Ad, with Davis showing Ac-5c for runner-runner trips, with a frustrated Jung slamming down his pocket kings.


Tim Davis prepares to add Justin Jung's chips to his stack.

In contrast, two of the most prominent stacks in the room have been riding a roller coaster in the past 30 minutes. David Saab called James Suen’s all-in on a flop of 2h-4s-5c with pocket kings, and looked in good shape against the Singaporean until the 3c landed on the turn to fill Suen’s straight. Saab is down to 52,000.


Who's smiling now? James Suen takes down a nice pot against David Saab.

But not for long. Saab just claimed the scalp of Sid Kim, who placed third in this event last year. On a flop of 10c-5h-Kd, Kim shoved in his remaining chips with pocket queens, but Saab insta-called with pocket 10s for a set and a nice pot.

It’s also been a mixed session for players who featured prominently in the APPT Macau main event. Champion Eddie Sabat has been sent to the rail but Bryan Huang, who finished third in Macau, has been playing aggressively and is up to 40,000.