APPT Seoul: Saab extinct as King Kang rules the jungle on day 2

A dramatic end to day 2 of the APPT Seoul main event saw David Saab crash out of the event on the bubble after leading for much of the afternoon and Canada's Brian Kang take the chip lead into day three.


Even David Saab need to take a breath after a stunning end to day 2 which saw him bow out on the bubble in 17th.

The Walker-hill Casino poker room was packed to capacity for the exciting bubble period, which ended with Saab busting out after two massive hands.

Trying to make the most of the tight play that normally ensues on the bubble, Saab raised to 7000, Hidenari Shiono called, Japan’s Wooka Kim smiled and pushed all-in and both players again called.

The flop was an ominous 6h-7h-9h, Shiono checked, Saab declared he was all-in with Shiono quickly following suit. Kim showed Jh-Js, Shino held 8h-8c and Saab 7c-9d.

The turn was the Qc but Shiono dramatically crashed to the floor (captured brilliantly by our photographer Joe Giron) when the river came the Ah. So Kim had tripled up, Saab was down to 120,000 and Shiono scooped up the massive side-pot to take his stack to 150,000.


He's down ...


... and he's up! The excitement was all too much for Hidenari Shiono.

The final hand of the day started in familiar fashion with a raise to 6000 from Saab, with Brian Kang making the call before watching the flop come 2d-3h-10h. Saab bet 17,000 and Kang called before Saab said he’d check the turn in the dark.

The turn was the 7d, Kang bet 25,000, Saab pushed all-in and Kang called immediately, showing a set of threes while Saab held 6h-2h for a pair and flush draw. When the 4c landed on the river, Saab’s stunning day had ended and the top 16 players were decided for tomorrow’s finale.


Dan Schreiber stayed out of trouble on day 2 and is ideally placed to surpass his eighth place in this event last year.

PokerStars Sponsored players Dan Schreiber and Bryan Huang will both be chasing a spot at the final table but the man in the box seat is Canada’s Brian Kang.


Bryan Huang is shooting for successive APPT final tables after finishing third in the APPT Macau main event earlier this month.

Day 2 chip count

Brian Kang (Canada) 302,000
Yoshihiro Tasaka (Japan) 245,000
Sam Faqiryar (Canada) 242,400
Hidenari Shiono (Japan) 154,700
Diwei Huang (Singapore) 131,300 (PokerStars Sponsored Player)
Daniel Schreiber (USA) 125,700 (PokerStars Sponsored Player)
David Horvath (Hungary) 92,500 (PokerStars Qualifier)
Wooka Kim (Japan) 44,900
Fam Kai Yat (Singapore) 41,200
Yuji Masaki (Japan) 39,000
Michiyuki Kondo (Japan) 37,100
Daniel Williams (Canada) 35,500 (PokerStars Qualifier)
Hori Katsiyoshi (Japan) 23,800
Kwok Gi (Ken) Yeung (Hong Kong) 21,800
Robert Campitiello (USA) 20,900 (PokerStars Qualifier)
Terry Gardiner (Australia) 16,100

All photography © Joe Giron/IMPDI