APPT Seoul: Short stacks waste no time

Having been assured a finish in the money, the short stacks didn’t waste much time early on day 3 of the APPT Seoul main event at the Paradise Walker-hill Casino.

Two players were eliminated on the opening hand – the first being US PokerStars Qualifier Robert Campitiello, who started the day with 20,900 in chips.


Even A-K wasn't good enough for PokerStars Qualifier Robert Campitiello on the first hand.

He was delighted to look down and find Ah-Ks on the opening hand and wasted little pushing his stack into the centre, only to find Hong Kong’s Ken Yeung holding pocket aces (the board ran out 3c-Qh-4c-7s-7h.

Across at table 15, Western Australia’s Terry Gardiner also decided to make a stand on the first hand with Jh-3c but Fam Yat was in a strong position holding pocket 10s. Again, the board (2d-6s-9d-8c-Kh) did the short stack no favours as Gardiner bowed out in 15th position.


Terry Gardiner heads home to Australia with USD $4006 for his 15th placing.

One of the six Japanese players still in contention for the title Michiyuki Kondo was next to fall – again, Singapore’s Fam Yat was the beneficiary.

The players watched a flop of 10d-2h-Kd, Kondo bet 5000 and Yat called. The turn came 8h – Kondo checked, Yat bet 6000 and Kondo called.

On the river (4d), Kondo moved all-in and Yat made what proved to be a brave call with Qc-10c, which had Kondo’s As-5d beaten.

The next elimination didn’t follow the script at all. PokerStars Sponsored player Bryan Huang from Singapore kicked it off with a raise to 8000, chip leader Brian Kang made it 25,000 and Huang called.


"Not aces, not aces, not aces ... doh!" PokerStars Sponsored player Bryan Huang finishes 13th.

The flop was 4s-3s-Js, Kang bet 25,000, Huang pushed all-in and Kang called. The words “cookie” and “jar” spring to mind after Huang showed Kh-Qh while Kang held pocket aces, including the As for the nut flush draw. The board bricked out for Huang, who collected his second cash in successive APPT event (he was third in the APPT Macau main event).


Catch me if you can: Brian Kang is up to more than 440,000 in chips.

Hori Katsuyoshi was next to leave the tournament area after he found himself in a race with pocket sevens against the Ac-Ks of PokerStars Sponsored player Dan Schreiber. The board hit Schreiber on the flop – 6c-Ad-Qs – and ran out 5c Qd to give the quiet achiever another scalp.


Hori Katsuyoshi, shortly before shipping his chips across to Dan Schreiber.

Play is now at level 14 (1500/3000 with a 500 ante), and judging by the rate of eliminations, the final table line-up shouldn’t be too far away from being decided.