APPT Sydney: 13 is lucky for some

The pace has finally slowed after the constant carnage of the afternoon session on day 3 in the PokerStars APPT Grand Final. Only three players have been sent to the rail since play moved to two tables.

The money was in pre-flop between all-in player Daniel Hameiri (kings) and Ray Lapitan (deuces). In one of the more remarkable hands of the tournament, Lapitan not only hit a deuce on the flop, he made quads on the turn to send Hameiri packing in emphatic fashion.

The cheering section for local Scott ‘Punty’ Smith were silenced when their man pushed all-in over the top of the pre-flop re-raise from Brendan Edmonds. Smith (A-8) started behind Edmonds’ A-J, and stayed there as he departed in 15th spot. That pot gave Edmonds a stack of more than 1.5 million and almost 15 per cent of the chips in play.

Scott Smith.JPG

Punty booted: Scott Smith is out of the APPT Grand Final

Ray Lapitan was the last player eliminated before dinner after making a move on a board of 9d-Js-Ks-Qh. Lapitan was strong (Kc-Jc), but Tom Rafferty (Jh-10s) was stronger. The As on the river only improved Rafferty’s straight, and Lapitan was out in 14th.


Ray Lapitan was stoked with his top-15 finish

Players will soon to return from the dinner break (blinds will be up to level 22 – 12,000/24,000 with a 4000 ante), with three players over the one-million mark: Tom Rafferty (1.13 million), Daniel Kowalski (1.07 million) and Antonio Fazzolari (1.04 million).