APPT Sydney: Assadourian v Milinkovic in battle of families

We’ve mentioned several family combinations over the past two days – brothers Joe and Tony Hachem (both eliminated); father and son Eric and Assadour Assadourian (both still in contention) – but it’s not everyday you come across a mother and daughter combination in a poker tournament of this stature.

Even more remarkably, Vera and Kristine Milinkovic have both reached day 2 of the APPT Grand Final. Originally from Serbia and now residing in Sydney, Vera cashed 50th in the APPT Grand Final last year and is hoping to go much deeper in this year’s APPT season-ending event.


Vera Milinkovic eyes successive APPT Grand Final cashes

Kristine told us that she loves the fact that she can share an interest in poker with her mother and is looking forward to sharing a spot at the final table on Sunday along side Vera. Now that would be a good story.


Aiming to join mum in the money is Kristine Milinkovic

Speaking of the generation gap, two Melbourne players representing the old and new guard have had contrasting fortunes during the opening session today.

Dave Lee, a top cash-game player and emerging tournament star just took a big pot against former day 1A chip leader Warwick Mirzikinian. With the board showing 5s-5h-8c-4d, Lee check-raised to 40,000, with Mirzikinian getting out of the way after flashing an 8. Lee showed pocket kings and started piling chips into his stack of 120,000.

But it was a miserable afternoon for ‘Colonel’ Sam Korman. The Melbourne poker icon committed the last of his chips on a board of 9s-Qs-8d-Kc. Derrick Wall insta-called with Jd-10d, leaving the Colonel’s K-9 in the dust.

Players are back from the first break, with the approximate chip counts showing Jason Gray (180,000) leading from Derrick Wall (150,000), Dave Lee (145,000), Wang Che Jung (140,000) and Ray Lapitan (135,000). Around 160 players remain in the running.