APPT Sydney: Chris crashes as Lee leaps

One up, one out – that’s the story so far today for Team PokerStars with Lee Nelson doubling up and Chris Moneymaker eliminated. The New Zealander Nelson (can you believe he lives near a town called Nelson) took control with A-K against Justin Cleary’s K-J, and the paint-free board took the 2006 Aussie Million winner’s stack to 50,000.

Here he tells all to the PokerStars video team...

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Moneymaker started the day on the ultra-tough feature table, and was among the first victims when he moved in with pocket 10s against A-K and his opponent saw an ace on the flop (eerily similar to the elimination of Joe Hachem from the same table yesterday).

Tony Dunst has also left the feature table after his A-K stayed behind Jason Plant’s pocket kings on a board showing 4h-3h-10s-3s-3d. We’ve also lost WSOP Europe champion John Juanda after his pocket kings were cracked by Ad-Jd when his opponent turned the nut flush.


Eric Assadourian is keen for a deep run in his home event

At the other end of the chip tally, some of the early movers have been PokerStars Sponsored player Eric Assadourian (52,000), Graeme Putt (40,000), Dennis Huntly (60,000), Tom Guise (90,000) and Chris Levick (95,000), who is on a charge after a big double-up with aces against queens. But it’s been a tough start for Mark Vos (25,000), jockey Shane Dye (30,000) and Jamie Pickering (25,000).

We’ve also just lost APPT Manila champ Van Marcus, who nursed a short stack through the opening level today before committing with pocket jacks. He found a jack on the flop, but his opponent’s pocket aces improved to a set on the turn, sending the PokerStars Sponsored player to the rail.

We’re about halfway through level 9, with blinds now at 500/1000 with a 100 ante. The first break is about 30 minutes away.