APPT Sydney: Final table (level 22)

Australia has a strong Italian influence thanks to the massive influx of migrants after World War II. That influence has flowed over into today’s final table, as three of the participants recently discovered.

Three of the player’s heritages lie in the Calabria region in the south of Italy. Antonio Fazzolari, Frank Saffioti and Tony Basile make up the trio – this final table could end up sounding like one of Tony Soprano’s home games!

Two of those three are the aggressors so far – a strategy that has worked for chip leader Antonio Fazzolari but has sent the stack of Frank Saffioti almost down to the felt.

In contrast, Daniel Kowalski featured in the opening pot of the tournament but has been barely sighted – indeed, he’s barely moved at all – so far in the opening two levels. However, he’s just made a move: out of his chair and out of the tournament in seventh position.


Daniel Kowalski gets outkicked, then kicked out

Four players saw a flop, which included an ace. Saffioti, who was first to speak, led out at the flop and was called by the others. The turn brought another low card and it was quickly checked around to Kowalski on the button. Kowalski bet 60,000 into a pot of around 400,000 and Saffioti immediately moved all-in.

Fazzolari and Rowe quickly folded and the action came back to Kowalski who pushed in his final 300,000. Both players had an ace but Kowalski had severe kicker problems and when the river failed to bring a 9 it was all over for the Pole.

We also lost Hai Bo Chu in eighth position. The well credentialled Melburnian picked up a gutshot draw on the flop after he called a small raise from Rowe in early position.


PokerStars qualifier Hai Bo Chu finished seventh

Chu, who was first to act, checked the flop and shoved over the top of Rowe who led strongly at the 10-high flop. Rowe wasted no time calling and turned over pocket queens. The remaining two cards didn’t help Chu and he was the second player to depart the tournament arena.

“I was starting to get low on chips and was looking for a good spot to be aggressive. I didn’t have him that strong and thought I would get him out on that flop,” he said. Blinds will be at level 23 (15,000/30,000 with a 5000 ante) after players take a quick break.

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