APPT Sydney: Final table (level 23)

For a guy without any real major tournament experience, Antonio Fazzolari is looking surprisingly composed and continues to control the final table at the APPT Grand Final. He continues to lead the field but behind him, the chips continue to be shuffled around the table.

The remaining six have some very contrasting styles. Gray and Rowe at one end of the table seem content to sit and wait for their opportunities. At the other end of the table the Italian duo of Fazzolari and Saffioti are both showing plenty of aggression and are continuing to serve up the pressure on their more experienced opposition.


Frank Saffioti could be the next face of Aussie poker

If anything, the crowd is bigger now than when play started, with solid cheering sections for five of the remaining six players (we’re doing what we can for the Canadian Tony Basile).

Gray’s fans just had reason to cheer when he took down a huge pot against the aggressive Saffioti. Jason found pocket aces against Saffioti’s A-K. Gray let Saffioti do all the betting in the hand. Saffioti pushed all-in on the turn and Jason snap called and, to his delight, found that Saffioti was drawing dead on a board that filled out 3c-7c-10s-7d-Jd. The pot takes Gray to nearly 1.5 million in chips while Saffioti is back to just 500,000.


Jason Gray stacks up Frank Saffioti's chips after his aces held up

With the three early eliminations there are plenty of chips in play and it will take some time for the blinds to catch up. Last year’s APPT Grand Final winner, PokerStars Sponsored player Grant Levy has just popped over to check on the action.

“In a few hours I won’t be the champ anymore. Jason Gray is a good friend and a very solid player but Antonio Fazzolari has plenty of chips and is an exciting player and would make an excellent champion,” Levy said.

With about five minutes remaining at level 23, blinds will soon pop up to 20,000/40,000 with an ante of 5000. The small blind now represents the starting stack of each entrant!