APPT Sydney: Final table (level 24)

Martin Rowe, the local insurance man, has been the big mover in the past hour to take a big chip lead into the dinner break with just four players remaining in the APPT Grand Final.

More and more fans are crowding around the final table as Rowe climbs to more than four million in chips. He has played very solid poker and has started to increase his tempo and pick up some chips. He won a very nice pot against Antonio Fazzolari when he flopped a set of fives and Fazzolari was lucky not to lose more chips when he made two-pair on the river.

He then sent Frank Saffioti to the rail; a player who has brought plenty of colour and excitement to the tournament today with his large supporter group. Saffioti pushed in all of his chips against Rowe when he hit an ace on the flop (Ac-6s-7s). His A-Q, however, was far behind Rowe who had hit yet another small set (sevens).

The turn card was the best in the deck for Frank (Qc), giving him two-pair and a flush draw but the river was a blank (9d) and Saffioti departed.

Then on the final hand before the dinner break, Tim English bowed out in fifth position. Holding A-K, the final PokerStars qualifier in the field shoved all his chips in on a rainbow flop of 2-9-10. Rowe thought long and hard before calling with Q-J. English was in front, but Rowe had plenty of outs.


The final PokerStars qualifier, Tim English, is out

A jack on the turn was enough to knock out the youngest remaining player. Rowe now has more than 5.5 million, well over half the chips in play. Blinds will be at 30,000/60,000 with a 500 ante when players return.