APPT Sydney: Final table (level 25)

Just when we thought the APPT High Roller event might overtake the APPT Grand Final, runaway chip leader Martin Rowe has just eliminated another two players to set-up a heads-up battle with fellow Sydneysider Jason Gray.

After the dinner break it didn’t take long for Antonio Fazzolari and chip leader Rowe to tangle in a monster pot. The betting was furious on the turn when Fazzolari made two-pair and Rowe semi-bluffed hard into the pot with an up and down flush draw.

Rowe thought long and hard about calling Fazzolari’s last 350,000 even though there was around two million in the pot. The river didn’t bring one of the eight outs Rowe needed and Fazzolari won a massive pot taking him to 2.5 million in chips and a clear second chip leader behind Rowe.


It's all over for Antonio Fazzolari

Rowe got a big chunk of his chips back against Fazzolari. Rowe played aces softly and kept calling Fazzolari’s advances. A dangerous river card slowed down Fazzolari who only made a small bet on the river. It was quickly called by Rowe, whose aces beat Fazzolari’s top pair.

Then Antonio’s run came to an end at the hands of Rowe. Fazzolari was short on chips and pushed in with A-2. Rowe called him immediately with A-K. There was no reprieve for Fazzolari and when the board blanked out 7c-5h-Jh-8s-10s.


Tony Basile was the highest finishing international, in third

Less than five minutes later, Martin Rowe found pocket kings against Tony Basile’s A-K. All the money went in pre-flop and when no ace found its way onto the felt (Jd-4c-9h-6c-Qc), we lost the likable Canadian in third spot.

Rowe takes an almost 5:1 chip lead into the heads-up battle but Gray, the most experienced player at the final table, is far from a spent force. Cheered on by friends and family including celebrated Aussie poker pro Billy 'The Croc' Argyros, Gray is settling in for a long battle.