APPT Sydney: From rising sun to summer sun

By Jenn Barr

Although the time difference is only two hours from the now-frosty Tokyo, the jet-lag quickly settles in upon arriving in beautiful Sydney. The flight itself is at least 10 hours direct – more for players with stops in Seoul or Singapore on the way south. And yet when you take a look at Darling Harbour and the Sydney skyline, it all seems worth it.

There are three players representing Japan in the APPT Grand Final this year, and all are notable enough to be recognised on the regional poker scene. Aside from the obvious language barriers, the trio are having a ball.

Yoshihiro Tasaka won the APPT Seoul event this year and has played in the past two APPT events as a PokerStars Sponsored player. He’s come to Australia a few times in his life, but this time he hasn’t left the casino. He reckons Sydney is a great place though and likes the fact that it’s near the sea.

Masa Kagawa is a well-known high roller and is noted for his third-place finish at the 2007 Aussie Millions $100,000 buy-in event and a final table at the recent EPT London High Roller event. A frequent visitor to Australia for events like the Aussie Millions and last year’s APPT Grand Final, Masa loves Sydney. He finds it a great place to relax. He did some shopping yesterday just after arriving and there’s been a smile on his face ever since.


Game face time, but Masa Kagawa is loving Australia

Wooka Kim won the All Japan Poker Championship Ladies’ Event in 2007 and has been at the centre of the Japanese poker scene ever since, gaining followers on her Ice Beer blog where she writes about her travels.


Wooka Kim is aiming for her first APPT in-the-money finish

She hasn’t had a chance to see much of the city but she appreciates the fact that things in Sydney are concentrated and easily accessible. Hopefully she will make it to days 2 and 3 and not have much of a chance to see the sights.