APPT Sydney: Ghost train to funhouse for Griffin

Sydney’s most famous amusement park (indeed only amusement park) sits just over the Harbour Bridge. Known as Luna Park, it features all the usual carnival fare, including roller coasters, ferris wheel, dodgem cars, etc. Best of all is the giant maniacal clown face that greets patrons on arrival.

Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin has experienced a Luna Park-style start to day 2. With the board showing 7c-Qs-4s, Griffin called the all-in of Simon Wallace and tabled 10s-9s. Wallace showed As-7s, and slipped behind when the 10d fell on the turn. Both players made a flush on the river (8s) but Wallace had the nut flush and slashed Griffin’s stack to 76,000.


Luna Park, more ups and downs than a poker tournament

Barely a minute passed when Griffin had them all back. Kevin Wagler though he was good with pocket sixes making him a full-house on the board of Qc-6c-Qs-Ac-9s, but Griffin called his all-in on the river and celebrated after showing pocket aces. That took Griffin back to 153,000.


Down, then up for Gavin Griffin

The day 2 madness is well and truly underway with the short stacks quickly making the move to double-up or begin plans for a day at the beach or shopping in the nearby Sydney CBD.

One of the first victims was Terrence Chan. The Canadian started with just 13,000 and elected to commit those chips on the opening hand, but found himself on the wrong end of the flop and is free to explore Sydney – a city he knows well after living here for several months last year.

Even some of the not-so-short stacks are under attack. Adelaide’s Jonathan xMONSTERxDONGx Karamalikis looked good with A-K against fellow Australian Frank Saffioti (K-10), but the board was horrible to the youngster (8d-6h-7s-Kc-9s). He crashed out on the same orbit with A-J against A-Q.