APPT Sydney High Roller: Looking for the KO punch

John Juanda has been a great supporter of the APPT, with appearances in both Macau events, Manila and now Sydney. The man who won the WSOP Europe main event will be free to check out the sights of the town after being eliminated from the APPT Sydney High Roller event by 'Colonel' Sam Korman.

Other players to fall by the wayside in the past hour were James Andy McLEOD Obst, who check-raised all-in on a flush draw but Adriano Cendron’s pocket aces held up.

Grant Levy’s tournament ended when he failed to fill a flush draw of his own against Richard Holmes and Wooka Kim bowed out when Jarred Graham flopped a set of 10s against her A-Q.

The two tables of five players have a very different dynamic – there’s very little banter between Dunst, Holmes, Kagawa, Pantling and Graham but on the other table, Chad Brown and Jeff Lisandro are deep in discussion about the Oscar De La Hoya v Manny Pacquiao fight scheduled for tomorrow.


Chad talks up a storm with Jeff Lisandro between hands

He might not be the most verbose player in poker but find a topic that interests Lisandro and he’ll talk the legs off a chair. The blinds are now at 500/1000 (ante 100) with 10 players remaining.

Chip count (approximate) at the end of level 9

Andrew Pantling 125,000
Jarred Graham 110,000
Richard Holmes 85,000
Adriano Cendron 80,000
Sam Korman 80,000
Chad Brown 70,000
Masa Kagawa 60,000
Tony Dunst 55,000
Jeff Lisandro 25,000
Emanuel Seal 20,000

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