APPT Sydney: It's not time to leave the house ... Nobbi!

By Rachel Healey

Adding more celebrity glamour to the tables today in the APPT Grand Final is Nobuyuki Tanaka, known around Australia as simply ‘Nobbi’. A contestant in reality television show Big Brother, Nobbi is a regular online poker player who won his entry to the APPT Grand Final through a satellite on PokerStars (he actually won two seats).

His interest in poker began three or four years ago through casual games with his mates "using shrapnel" (or small change) and progressed to regularly playing in live and online tournaments.


Nobuyuki Tanaka AKA Nobbi

His enjoyment of the game led him to a job as a dealer at Crown Casino in Melbourne where he worked until he took his place on the 2008 Big Brother series. As one of the most dynamic characters on the show, Nobbi is remembered for spending two months banished outside the house in a Kombi Van and his constant clashes with the eventual winner, 53-year-old grandmother Terri Munro.

With the threat of his television personality making him a target for other players, Nobbi is has been playing slowly but aggressively when the cards are good. "I hope they target me. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing," he said. Sitting on 30,000 just before dinner, Nobbi will be one to watch this evening. At least he can't get voted out of this game!