APPT Sydney: Meet Mr. Eastgate, WSOP champion

The weather in Great Britain could be better. Sure, it's not the Arctic or anything, but it's not balmy-sit-around-in-your shirt-sleeves weather, either. You know, like a place in the southern hemisphere called Sydney.

One Mr. Peter Eastgate (you remember him...2008 WSOP champion?) is looking forward to a few things in Australia, one of which he's not embarrassed to specify.

"The weather," he said, "because it is so cold in England right now."

One might assume Eastgate is lining his clothes with hundred dollar bills right now to shield himself from the cold in the UK. Instead, he's booking his plane tickets and preparing to fly to Sydney for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour event next week.

Since holding up his bricks of cash in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, Eastgate has been chilling out (apparently, literally) in England

"I've been relaxing, and now I'm preparing myself for the tournaments coming up before Christmas," he told us.

Sydney will mark both the end of the APPT's second season and Eastgate's return to the felt as a world champion. The 22-year-old record-breaker is a newcomer to the land down under. "It's my first time, so I'm very excited."

As we told you yesterday, PokerStars is running last chance satellites to the Sydney event. If you'd like your chance to play against the world champin, get your seat while you still can.

The PokerStars Blog will have full coverage of the event and Eastgate's return. Join us here for all the action December 2-7.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Asia Pacific Poker Tour