APPT Sydney: More events, more winners

We’re into level two (50/100) of the APPT Tournament of Champions, and already one of the champions has fallen. APPT Auckland champion Daniel Craker was unfortunately struggling with illness but ploughed on for his charity of choice to be here today.

With 9000 in chips already in the pot, action was checked down to the river on a board of 6s-5h-10d-4h-3d, Rousso moved all-in and Craker called but mucked when he saw her pocket sevens, good for a rivered straight. “Why didn’t you do that in the couples’ tournament,” Chad Brown quipped across the table to his partner, who now leads the field.


Daniel Craker is first out of the APPT Tournament of Champions

• Shortly after the APPT Grand Final was decided, rising South Australian online star Jarred flopnutsonyou Graham was crowned APPT Sydney High Roller winner.

Despite the big chip lead of ‘Colonel’ Sam Korman, Graham gradually wore down the Melbourne veteran to take home the AUD $222,000 first prize.

With the board showing J-4-3, Korman called Graham’s all-in bet with K-Q, and Graham was stunned to find his A-5 ahead. Neither player improved their hand, and the celebrations were underway for Graham and his rail comprising most of Australia’s best online players.


APPT Sydney High Roller winner Jarred Graham

Graham is arguably the hottest player on the local online scene, with almost USD $200,000 in tournament winnings for the past two months alone. His record includes a third in the PokerStars Sunday 500, and he went within a whisker of taking down the Triple Crown.

• While players were partying the night away at Star City Casino last night, APPT Macau winner and PokerStars Sponsored player Eddy Sabat was sipping on a Coke as he waited, and waited, and waited for the final of the heads-up event to start.


Patience paid off for Eddy Sabat

After a marathon day for the 32 heads-up competitors, Sabat finally took down Terrence Chan in the final to claim his second major title for 2008. The delay in the final was the result of a staggeringly long five-hour quarter-final between Roy Vandersluis and Nafiz Safi. Vandersluis won, but the long session told on him in the semi against Chan.

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