APPT Sydney: Phil 'em up, Willcocks leads field

Day 1A of the APPT Grand Final has come to an end after seven levels. Out of the original 108 that took to the felt earlier today, 48 players remain. The 75-minute levels and a healthy 20K start bank offered players plenty of time to gather some chips and ease themselves into the long slog that awaits over the next six days.

Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Rousso and Chad Brown (despite starting strongly) were the big names in action but they busted out at either end of the day. The three PokerStars Sponsored players who featured on day 1A – Celina Lin, Lei He and David Saab – were also casualties of a testing day.


Poker's first couple swap bad beat stories.

It was also a day that featured many of the rising stars of Australian poker, although the majority fell by the wayside. Online sensations Jay SEABEAST Kinkade and James Andy McLEOD Obst were both were among the big names to tee off. Kinkade made an early exit and the youngster kid from Adelaide was among the first out.

Much of the drama was settled on a table that comprised Saab, famed jockey Shane Dye, Julian Powell and Jim Sachinidis. The least experienced of that quartet – Dye – handed out to the pros and finished the day with around 60k in chips.

Leo “The Mechanic” Boxell used his wealth of experience and class to end the day with just under 30k in chips. He was seated next to Brown and the two dominated the table for most of the day until Chad made his unexpected exit.


Steven Musca was one of the few WA players to survive day 1A.

Those who shone towards the end of the day included West Australian Steven Musca and Daniel Kowalski of the UK; both have just under 100k. It looks, however, that the day 1B and 1C players will be chasing Phil Willcocks from Auckland and his impressive stack of 130k.

We’ll be back at 12.30pm tomorrow local time for the continuation of the APPT Grand Final from Star City Casino on the shores of Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia.