APPT Sydney: Punty is kicking goals

If there’s a cult figure in today’s event, it’s Scott “Punty” Smith. He has fans following online and a big contingent on the rail, and they’ve had plenty to cheer about today.

He’s been a steady climber all day and recently took out another player when his opponent pushed all-in on a board of Qs-Ac-Qc-Ks. Smith called and tabled As-Kd, ahead of his opponent’s Ah-10s, with the 6c on the river sending a nice pot in Punty’s direction as his stack closes on 150,000.


Autographs after dinner, Punty

Another player on the climb is PokerStars Sponsored player Eric Assadourian. This Sydney young gun burst onto the scene when he won the 2006 Melbourne Championships main event. He showed that win was no fluke when he captured two titles at the 2007 NZ Championships, including the main event, then took out the 2007 APPT Macau High Roller for more than $360,000. He also had an event named in his honour here during the APPT Grand Final preliminaries!


Eric "Blessadourian": God bless the turn

With 20,000 already in the pot, Karim Jomeen and Assadourian saw a flop of Jc-Kc-4d, Jomeen bet all-in for 15,500 and Assadourian made the call. He showed pocket aces, but Jomeen’s pocket jacks were ahead.
Sure enough, Eric showed why he is nicknamed “Blessadourian” when the Ad landed on the turn to KO Jomeen.

In parent-sibling news, Eric’s father Assadour has been eliminated while Vera Milinkovic is also on the rail, but her daughter Kristine has charged to 110,000.

Want to run as hot as Eric? Listen to his tournament tips and you'll be on your way...

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Other recent eliminations include Big Brother contestant Nobbi Tanaka, when Antonis Kambouris filled a runner-runner straight against Tanaka’s pair of jacks. Carter Gill is also out after he failed to improve on a flush draw against the two-pair of George Kassis.

With one hour until the dinner break and the blinds at level 11 (800/1600 with a 200 ante), 117 players remain and the average stack is 80,000.