APPT Sydney: Seven sends Edmonds home

Spectators are six-deep around the rail at the two tables that remain in play for the APPT Grand Final. One table is at the corner of the poker area, and a second is the feature table that will be used for tomorrow’s final table.

Two players who won’t be seated at that table for last day of the APPT Grand Final are Brendan Edmonds (12th) and George Kassis (13th).

The chip leader at numerous times during day 3, Edmonds lost a handful of pivotal pots before tangling with Tony Basile pre-flop. He showed Ac-10s to be marginally ahead of Basile’s Kc-7c but a seven on the flop was enough for the Canadian to eliminate one of the players expected to survive the day.


Brendan Edmonds fell just short of the final table

Kassis also committed his money with the best of it, with pocket kings against the pocket jacks of Jason Gray. The first card revealed on the flop was the jack of hearts and it was adios to Kassis.

With 11 players still in the hunt, Antonio Fazzolini (1.8 million), leads from Tom Rafferty (1.2 million), PokerStars qualifier Daniel Kowalski (970,000), Jason Gray (960,000), Frank Saffioti (945,000), Basile (790,000), Tim English (540,000), PokerStars qualifier Hai Bo Chu (460,000), Michael Guzzardi (435,000), Martin Rowe (405,000) and Lisa Delellis (210,000).