APPT Sydney: Stop press, Valerie's on fire

We get used to seeing quads in the early stages of tournaments when the tables are packed and the action thick and fast. But with 24 players to go before the money kicks-in at the APPT Grand Final, we’ve seen quads twice in the past five minutes.

Hong Kong’s Manish Sansi just made quad jacks (holding A-J) against A-2, which earned him a nice pot and a warning from APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh for persistent slow play. Just like the Australian Test cricket team!

Forget the title of leading female finisher – Wooka Kim, Lisa Delellis and Valerie Gigliotti are still here to win. Valerie Gigliotti works for the Daily Telegraph, Sydney’s biggest newspaper. Star City recently held a media event and gave away an APPT Grand Final seat as first prize. Miss Gigliotti was the lucky winner and finds herself in the last 72 players and still in with a chance of winning the AUD $1 million.


Valerie Gigliotti could end up on P1 of her own newspaper!

“I just love the game and this is a thrill to play in this tournament. I have only played pub poker but felt that the skills I learnt there stood me in good stead to win my way into this tournament. The longer structure in this tournament really suits my style,” she said.

The most experienced of the trio, Wooka Kim. Wooka has travelled to tournaments throughout the world. In the past 12 months she won a ladies tournament in Japan and is considered the best female player in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Wooka Kim has enjoyed tremendous form in 2008

Lisa Delellis hails from Wollongong, a regional city about an hour south of Sydney. Lisa plays in a pub-based competition called Satellite Poker. She won her seat in the APPT Grand Final through Satellite Poker.

“This is my greatest poker experience so far. I am just starting playing more seriously now and hope that in the future I can make an impact in the poker world. I am currently pregnant but who knows what the future holds,” she said.