APPT Sydney: Sun sets on some title dreams

As the sun starts to sink below the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney on day 1A of the APPT Grand Final, the blues have set in for a number of players who’ve exited the tournament.

Melbourne’s Julian Powell found himself all-in against Michael Wong with A-K after a pre-flop raising war. It was an astute move, as Wong showed just 7d-8s, but options opened up when the flop landed 10s-As-6s.

Sure enough, the 9c came on the turn and Powell was looking for a spot at the nearest cash game.

The Perth party at table 19 has been broken up with the departure of Matthew Kirk and Michael Pedley. With the flop showing Ad-8s-Jc, Mark Deutsch disappeared into the tank and eventually called with pocket queens, well behind Kirk’s A-K. Bang, Q on the turn, adios Matty.

Pedley’s tremendously consistent year on the local and international circuit ended on a disappointing note, but Jay Kinkade and Jovan Skekic are still waving the flag for the Sandgropers.


Warwick Mirzikinian, the early pacesetter on day 1A.

At the other end of the chip count, it’s Warwick Mirzikinian who’s leading the field a merry chase. The Star City regular actually won three seats into the APPT Grand Final. Winning form is good form, and Mirzikinian has torn a swathe through his tablemates so far today.


Tony bond18 Dunst gets the 007 look happening.

Also prominent on the chip count are a couple of online players very familiar with each other’s skills.

Queensland’s Harris harrismp Pavlou (currently holding about 60,000 in chips) is best known for his online PLO cash-game prowess but has also impressed on the live scene this year.

Tony bond18 Dunst won a $3k buy-in event at the Bellagio Cup after four cashing four times at the 2008 WSOP. He’s best known for his online tournament record, but is showing he’s no slouch at the live form of the game with a stack of 50,000 currently in his possession.

With players about to head off for the dinner break at the midway point of level five (200/400 with a 25 ante), about 25 players have hit the rail. Meanwhile, the countdown is on for players awaiting days 1B and 1C.